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There are many people whose suffered hearing losses and aren’t sure what to do. Doctors recommend hearing aid but there are sure of the one perfect for them. Well, you can consult hearing aid specialist singapore to find the perfect aid for you. You can know that by yourself while going through the types.

Behind the ear aid

This aid is also called BTE aid. As the name says this aid is placed behind the ear. In BTE, the mechanism and the parts are placed in a case. The case is connected to the earpiece by tubing. The case is placed behind the ears while the earpiece is inserted in the ear hole. Most children used this because their ear is most likely to grow over the years and hence they have to replace it frequently. Moreover, the BTE sticks to the ear, unlike the in-the-air aids that may slip off the child’s ear.

On the ear aid

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This is also known as mini aid. It is called so because this aid is the smaller version of BTE. This too has a case but it smaller in size. The tubing that connects is thinner. This is the more comfortable wear for most of the users. Carrying a heavy wear made the wearer lot uncomfortable. While these have comforted a lot of users. If you are still uncomfortable then visit hearing aid specialist singapore.

In the ear aid

The whole parts are concentrated in a shell that is inserted into the ear. ITE completely rests in the ear and no behind the ear and is the most comfortable as the size is reduced and they can have command over it.

Completely-in-the-ear aids are smaller than ITE and lie in the canal of the ear. This is the smallest version and for some, it becomes very difficult to handle.


These are the aids you can choose for yourself or look for hearing aid specialist singapore to get the perfect aids for you.

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