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The solution is the task called editing. Editing is the role of correcting errors. It is why the level of your voice matters more than the level of your writing. It offers the polish which makes or breaks your delivery. The Editors’ Association of Canada EAC defines 13 unique forms of editing. Rewriting is essentially the same as writing, except it is determined by editing. The big distinction is that rewriting does not normally require research and writing entirely new material. In many ways, it is editing though it is a service often provided by editors. Professional editing may have two distinct results.

A large correction is thought of as rewriting, while minor alterations are sometimes thought of as part of the editing procedure. The EAC in actuality requires this to be spelled out in the contract and what is a copy editor. Broadly, when dealing with an outsourced editor you need to clarify this. But most will restrict editing to identifying the error. Within our system we consider rewriting to be a component of the writing process, only one which is initiated by editing. Substantive or structural Editing is important editing. Locating a substantive problem will create a requirement to rewrite, or reorganize, entire parts of the manuscript. This sort of how to copyright your book is complicated and significant work. In our system we do most of the in the Content Map level. That is one of the advantages of this Content Map. It provides a very clear, unambiguous map of the location of the subjects within the book as well as the relationships between the paragraphs. By reviewing and editing the Content Map you can fix most structural mistakes very early in the process at a lower cost in time, energy and money.

Stylistic editing is a line by Line editing to fix the actual writing. Its focus is on the use of jargon, correct grammar and words but avoids the mechanics of the writing. It identifies things like dividing sentences. When dealing with a professional editor, you need to think about readability scores during stylistic editing. Most editors will exclude it. Not because it does not match but due to cost and other difficulties. You will have to recheck the readability scores and fix afterward. In essence stylistic editing shines the real writing without altering the underlying content. Copy editing is the cheapest level of editing. It is focused on things like proper grammar, proper spelling and appropriate word use. It is largely a mechanical technique and to a large extent has been replaced by spell checkers and grammar checkers in word processors. Bluntly, there is absolutely not any excuse for failing to copy edits a manuscript. Consider this as the minimum excellent control on the composing process.

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